144 Hz gaming monitor with the best bang for the buck regarding colors and blur reduction?


Mar 1, 2011
Hi, I'm looking for a new monitor for gaming. I currently have the Asus VS248, but I want to upgrade to a 120+ Hz monitor. I'm mostly playing CS:GO and Guild Wars 2, but also single player games like Skyrim. I'm still rocking a GTX 560 Ti as my GPU but I'm planning to upgrade that as well, although at the moment I can have a steady 200+ fps in CS:GO which is the game I play the most.

I'm still debating whether or not it's worth investing in a G-Sync monitor. The thing that bothers me is that you can't have ULMB on the same time as G-Sync, so I could end up not actually using it that much. How bad is tearing at 144 Hz? I was also wondering if blur reduction is needed at all, or can you barely notice is in-game? With my current monitor it's really hard to see anything in a fast paced game e.g. when turning, and it can also be really hard to distinguish objects in dark. I'm kind of leaning towards the AOC g2460fq because of its low price tag, but it lacks any blur reduction at all. Other alternatives would be the BenQ XL2430T and the LG 24GM77, but the latter lacks reviews on the internet and some people say that its response time is very high. On the other hand, people claim that the BenQ has washed out colors which is also bad.

I'm planning to use the monitor for a good 5 years or so so I'm willing to use up to 400€ if it's worth it. What would you people suggest? One more thing that I also want to mention is I get quite easily eye strain, so it would be a big plus if the monitor is eye friendly.

G-Sync is really good but the price is really annoying at the moment.
I would rather wait until the price goes down instead of getting a new monitor without GSync right now.

Not only the GSync is interesting if you are willing to wait, monitors like XB270HU will come to market quite sooner as you think. 120Hz IPS 2560x1440 monitor with GSync that is.
After this technology is more buyable and more ripe (lower failure rates during mass production), you would not need to think about getting a TN or IPS anymore, you can have the best from both worlds.
I think, if we are lucky, we would not need to wait more than 2 years.
Now that is a great upgrade to any of our TN/IPS monitors.