Question 144 Hz rx 570 screen flickering with Samsung monitor

Apr 9, 2019
Hey guys, can anybody help me ?

So recently, i bought new msi rx 570 4gig as a replacement of my old gtx 960. I used a DDU program to wipe the nvidia drivers. It is recommended to run DDU in safe mode, yet it didnt work for me, therefore i ran it twice without win safemode enabled. Everything seemed to be okay, gpu works without a problem, but if i use chrome or just anything, that is not graphically intense, the screen starts to flicker and weird artefacts flick all over it or the whole display kinda flicks itself back and forth, all of happening from time to time. What´s interesting, it didnt occur during gaming, only while the gpu sat at idle. I never tried to everclock it, I tried to reinstall drivers, but it only got a bit worse for some reason. The only temporal solution i found is to reduce my monitor refresh rate from 144 to 120Hz.

specs are: i5 3570 non k, 8 gigs of ram, win 10 64bit, Samsung C24FG73

Thanks for any advice <3