Question 1440p 144hz gaming monitor

May 11, 2019
I've been eyeballing the LG32GK650F-B, however, I'm unsure wether I should go for a 31.5 inch display for 1440p or get a 27'

I currently have my faithful TN 24' 1080p Acer since 2009, so it is high time I upgrade the monitor.

I mostly play single player AAA games and some overwatch on the side. Also I watch a lot of netflix/movies/anime on my monitor.

I do my work mostly on my laptop, but sometimes i use my pc as well.

My setup:

Ryzen 3600
RTX 2070 super OC
2x8gb 3600
27" 1440p has the ideal DPI for a larger monitor with @108 DPI. At 32" it drops to 91 DPI or the same as a 24" 1080p monitor. However, if you are playing AAA titles I would go with a 3440x1440 monitor. It has the same physical height as a 27" but the added width makes a huge difference. There is a good deal on a MSI right now. There is a link to the monitor's review in the text.