1440p dilemma: upgrade or all new?

I really want a 1440p monitor for gaming and I'm pretty set on the Asus' ROG Swift PG278Q G-Sync monitor ($722usd). Seems to have everything I want: 1440p, 1-2ms response time, and works well with Nvidia GPUs. I want to play BF4 on Ultra with 60fps.

Question is: Do I buy new components for 970 SLI or just stick to a single 970 or 980? which model?

In my signature you can see my current components. It does not support SLI. I would have to upgrade almost everything. So I started thinking a single GPU might be best solution. Where I live, I have the choice of 970 for around $400usd or 980 for $640. Specifically:
Asus 970 : $433
MSI 970 : $400
Asus 980 : $675
MSI 980 : $642
EVGA SC 980 : $610

What would you do?


Mar 19, 2013
Everything I've read online says that 970's in SLI will give you better bang for your buck than a single 980. This might not be the case for you if you would have to upgrade everything and one 970 will still be a very significant upgrade from your current card, it just comes down to how much you want to spend for performance. I don't think there's a hurry to upgrade your MB because your CPU and RAM look fine for now.

At first I thought, to hell with it. Gotta buy all new. Then I started thinking maybe not.

New CPU+mobo+cooler+PSU that alone will be around $600. Factor in 2x970 brings it to $1400. That's why I'm starting to lean towards the 980 for $642. The cost would be much less and although it is a 2 1/2yr old system it has had 0 issues. SLI would be best but is it worth spending an extra $800 to get 970SLI over a single 980?