1440p HDR vs 4k non HDR

Oct 29, 2018
My friend and i have been going back and forth recently on what we believe gives a better image, and i know that this discussion is abit subjective but was wondering if someone could give me some insight. My friend recently purchased a 2080ti GPU but refuses to purchase a 4k monitor until hdr 4k monitors are available at cheaper price point. i run a 4k monitor rig and love it. he seems to think that a 1440p monitor with HDR will look better visually than a non hdr 4k high end monitor. does anyone have experience with this or have played on both platforms and what is your thoughts on what might give a better quality image ? i know some people are happy with non 4k or non hdr im simply asking what gives a better images quality.


May 10, 2018
I mean, it is super subjective. If he is gaming, then I would almost prefer the hdr 1440 at 144hz. 4k will provide an extra crispness to the images, but the HDR will basically quadruple the contrast range, meaning that images have more depth and color. I think your friend is making the correct choice in waiting until HDR is available for 4k because upgrading to a non HDR 4k is a lot of money for very little image quality. If he upgrades to a 4k now after using HDR, he will probably think the images look "dead" comparatively.