[SOLVED] 1440p: mid-range spec checklist recommendation needed


Apr 8, 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for what is the general recommended specs of a 1440p monitor for Video Production/Gaming, not THE BEST - because "the best" is out of my price range.
I'm looking for something thats is on sale for $200-300.

I keep finding monitors i think are good deals, only to read reviews and see specs pin-pointed out as sub-par.
At this point, i'm confused as to what is even considered "good". Between the contrast ratio, the color gambit, the VA or IPS, etc. its just way too much.

So whats your idea of a "good" spec list for a 1440p monitor worth buying?

Response time:
contrast ratio:
VA vs IPS:
Color Gamut:
etc, im sure there are other specs i never heard of.

I'm not looking for a specific monitor that has them all, but rather the specs you'd consider "good" and worth buying. Like you wouldn't recommend buying a monitor if it had a spec below what you list.


Response time: 1ms
contrast ratio: min 3000:1
Color Gamut: never considered that

But when choosing a monitor, i have other criteria as well, like:
Size: 24", 27" or 32" (1080p does well on 24" and 27", 1440p does well with 27" and 32")
Ultrawide: No
Refresh rate: 144 Hz (or up)
Curvature: 1500R or less
VESA mount: Yes. Preferably 100mm and 120mm all in one
Input port: Display Port
HDR: I don't mind it
Internal speakers: Don't need them
How many USB ports: Don't use monitor USB ports, so, i don't care
Headphone out: Don't use that either
G-Sync: Neat thing if you have Nvidia GPU but increases monitor price considerably
Price: If it's good, i'm willing to pay premium price
Brand: MSI, Asus

Note: These above are my personal preferences and may not align or even match yours. Take them as a guideline to look for a monitor.

At this point, i'm confused as to what is even considered "good".
Given that 1440p monitors go up to $1200, i'd say good is in $500-700 range. But in your budget range, how about this MSI monitor,
specs: https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-MAG272CQR
amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083L51BXC