[SOLVED] 1440p monitor recommendations for mixed Gaming/Graphic Design use

Jan 2, 2019
Hi folks, new user here with a monitor problem. I'm tearing my hair out trying to find a monitor that fits my criteria, I'm hoping someone here might have some advice. I'm a graphic design freelancer but also use my PC for gaming. Though being honest, I'd say I use I've geared it more for gaming than for work. Ideal max price £500 or so.

Ideal specs would be: • IPS panel for wide range accurate colours (VA as a possible compromise) • 27" 1440p, 75 – 144hz • AMD Freesync because why not • Not curved.

Relevant PC details: • 8GB ASUS Radeon RX Vega64 • Ryzen 5 2600x CPU • Asus Prime X470-PRO • 32gb RAM • Cryorig R1 Universal cooler

With this setup I could *possibly* get away with a larger 4k screen, there are a couple of Samsungs and an LG that might suit, however 27" QHD appears to be the sweet spot. I've been using a 144hz TN screen for a few years so going back to 60hz could be a bit jarring (not sure how Freesync mitigates this?) but I'm not a pro competitive gamer, so I'm flexible on that. I mostly play MMO's and the occasional AAA title eg. Monster Hunter: World.

From the research I've done, contenders so far are:
• ASUS MG279Q (quality control issues are a worry)
• Acer XF270HU (seems to be unavailable in the UK)
• LG 32GK850F (32" slightly larger than ideal, VA panel)
• Dell S2719DC (IPS, but 60hz)

I'm going round in circles so I'd appreciate a fresh perspective! Is it worth waiting a while longer to see what pops up in 2019, or even having 2 dedicated monitors?