Question (1440p monitor) Should I stream at 720p-60FPS or 1080p-30FPS

Jan 22, 2020
I guess I could have two questions in one. (I hope this is in the monitor section) I love gaming at 1440p and want the best experience I can get. I am thinking of streaming on Twitch and guess I need to upgrade my internet higher than 2.3Mbps upload. I have read a bit on how it works but what I want is to have my own display be at 1440p and the upload be either 720p-60FPS or 1080p-30FPS and I don't know exactly how I am to achieve this. BTW my monitor is Dell S2719DGF and I GPU is RTX2070 if that matters. From one post gathered that it is pretty much pointless to stream at 1080p if you have a 1440p monitor because of the number of pixels and fractions of pixels for scaling. Let's say I aim for 720p-60FPS, What upload speed should I be at in Mbps. Also what bit rate/frame rate/resolution could I hope to get with only 2.3Mbps upload if that is easily answered? I am learning more everyday and hopefully will do a stream after I take care of internet issues, and software issues.