Question 1440p on a 27" vs a 32" display


Mar 8, 2011
I'm in the market for a new display and found myself eyeballing the MSI Optix MAG321CQR and Optix MAG271CQR.

Both are 1440p, but I'm not sure how the same resolution will look on a 27" vs a 32". I know pixel density enters the equation, but I'm wondering if it would be a legitimate deal breaker - as I haven't had the chance to see the picture side by side.

This is mainly for gaming, and most times I'm leaning back in my chair, so I don't foresee viewing distance having much impact. I'm just starting to wonder things I've never encountered before.

Any tid-bit helps,


Jul 17, 2019
I have two opinions. But my opinions are very much subjective, so you should decide if they apply you or not.

I have QHD 27" IPS monitor.

1. 27" is OK for 1440p. Just right. No pixelization. I don't need to play with DPI settings, everything can well be read. I think it would be OK up to 32", for anything big. 4K may be the answer, may be I wrote, because I don't know. With 4K we need to play with the DPI and it is not good.

2. The distance between me leaning back and the monitor is about 1 meters, and it seems about the right distance, I don't need to move my head right or left to see the whole screen, it is important in gaming. 5" more can also be OK. Anything more I am not sure.

I think 27" to 32" is not a big jump. I have tried to imagine, trying to calculate the additional 5". 32" would be OK with same 1 meters distance from the monitor. It may be better if you test it in a showroom (I don't know if it is possible) but if the price difference is not much go with 32", if the distance between you leaning back and the monitor is at least 1 meters. Anything less 27" would be better.
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