1440p or 1080p with dual gtx 770


Nov 17, 2017
hi so I'm pretty new to pc gaming, been using an old tv monitor for a while and its time for a gaming monitor. I am running dual gtx 770s , my question is go 1440p or stick with 1080p, i have 2 monitors in mind, both are g sync and 144hz, one is ips and the 1080p is tn panel.

the 1440p i can get for £400 pre owned and the 1080p £350 brand new

i mainly play overwatch but do also like to play more graphically demanding single player games, will my pc handle the 1440p, obv I'm not expecting high fps with this on aaa games, thanks!!
in a long term, 1440p makes more sense. eventually you will upgrade the GPU and may be other parts of the system. And that probably going to happen way before you replace the monitor again.
if the performance is not satisfying in some game, you can always lower the render resolution in game settings. I'm doing so in some games.