[SOLVED] 1440p or 2560*1080

Oct 1, 2018
Currently, i have two monitors, each is 1920*1080, both are 21.5 inch.
I used both of them for working, browsing, 3D modelling, etc, and only one of them for gaming.
Latley, i upgraded my gpu to gtx 1080, and now i also seek to upgrade my monitor setup.
I thought of 2 options: buying 1440p monitor, or an ultrawide, 2560 by 1080 resolution.
My main concern is enhancing my gaming experience, as my two monitors work well for working and normal use.
On one hand, i like how ultrawide gaming looks, the added vertical space, but on the other it sometimes problematic to playsome games on it and requires fixes, etc.
Against it is 1440p monitor, which has higher resolution, thus higher detail, but has the same old ratio of 16 by 9, so it does not require any additional work.
To clarify, i usually play open world games: witcher 3, assassins creed origins, modded skyrim, gta v, far cry 4&5, etc, and i have no need at the moment for more than 60fps at 60hz.
So, what monitor should i get in your opinion? I tend to go toward the ultrawide, but concerned by games that dont support it and always having to find fixes.
Ultrawide all the way. The games that don't support 21:9 is getting very small. Most AAA games released today support it without issue. All of the games you listed support 21:9 out of the box. The only 2 games that I had trouble with were Fallout and Dark Souls.

Once you go ultrawide, it is really hard to go back.

Not sure of your budget, but 1440p ultrawides have come down a lot. Here is a LG 3440x1440p/75hz refresh rate monitor for $400. Your 1080 will push it just fine. This way you get both, the added vertical space and the better resolution.

PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qWvFfH
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Monitor: LG - 34UB88-P 34.0" 3440x1440 75Hz Monitor ($419.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $419.99
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