Question 1440p to 1080p ultrawide?


Jun 8, 2013
I am looking for a new monitor and would like some advice on what to get.

So currently I have a 1440p 144hz 27 inch display that I've had for years now and its begun to flicker and its been getting worse as time goes. I want to make the switch to an ultrawide display but I cant seem to find any in my price range that are 1440p and 120hz+. Is it worth going down to 1080p for an ultrawide? I've heard it's not a high enough pixel density for an ultrawide, but I would like a second opinion. Is it worth downgrading to 1080p to get the ultrawide experience? Should I bite the bullet and spend a crazy amount for 1440p ultrawide? Should I go for a 1080p 240hz monitor? Or should I just stick with a standard 16:9 ratio 1440p?

120hz or higher is crucial as most my time on my computer is playing fps games or rocket league. Its hard to get your hands on such monitors to compare so I would like to get any input to help me make my decision.


Jan 7, 2012
I personally don't believe you will notice any difference with a 240hz monitor (of any kind). For the rest of the options, you'll have to wait for a more experienced opinion. I'm trying to figure out a similar problem myself! (also, for the record, Rocket League isn't an fps)


240Hz is an utter waste, don't bother with it.

I personally am a fan of ultra-wide. Now, I felt comfortable with a 27" 1920x1080, so I think my son's 2560x1080 looks great at 34".

Others might disagree. However, the LG my son has was reviewed on Tom's Hardware, and they said that, despite being 34 inches, they absolutely had no complaints about the "low" resolution. I agree, as does my son, whose eyes are FAR sharper than mine.

If at all possible, if there's a large computer store (ie: Microcenter or similar) that has a wide variety of monitors on display, go there and check them out in person. I can give my opinion, you can read reviews, etc, but it's YOUR eyes that have to make the final judgment for comfort, and YOUR eyes that will be looking at the screen for hours at a time for the next several years.

What I do most strongly recommend, however, is to make sure the monitor you choose had FreeSync (ignore GSync and the "Nvidia tax" that goes with it), and LFC (low framerate compensation), and you're good to go.
Agreed that an in person comparison would be the best option.
Personally, id say 1080p ultrawide is generally fine, except for the fact you have already been using a higher resolution. That step down to 1080p and moving to a wider aspect ratio may be quite jarring compared to a sidegrade from 1080p to 1080p ultrawide.
I also agree that 240Hz is a waste of time and money.