Question 144hz 1080p Monitor

Aug 13, 2019
Hi looking for a 1080p 144hz. ive been looking at quite a lot of reviews and everything says something different. I dont really care about the appearance just the stats.

I was looking at the viewsonic xg2401 or the aoc gc27g1.


Sep 25, 2019
The viewsonic I wouldn't recommend mostly because TN panels have horrible color contrast and viewing angles. The only real benefit of TN panels are the high refresh rates and pixel response times. But with bad colors you'll sometimes find it hard to be immersed in games.

As for the AOC, it's a really nice IPS panel with 75Hz refresh rate, but as a gamer you should have 144Hz for a nice responsive feel to your games. Only get IPS if you're a content creator who needs perfect colors to edit with.

You'll mostly want to stick with VA type panels because they're color is nearly as good as an IPS and have the same viewing angles unlike a TN, They can also achieve some pretty high refresh rates too unlike an IPS which will cost more to get 144Hz. A VA panel most of all has the best contrast ratio. It's superior color contrast give deep blacks and whites true color and make immersion quite nice.

Give a look at this panel.

Or this one:
The usual recommendations are:
The 24G2 probably being the best option right now, if you don't mind waiting for vendors to restock it.

Newer TN panels have acceptable colors, they aren't really that bad. VA/IPS are still undoubtedly better in that regard, although they have their own drawbacks, namely high ghosting/motion blur on VA panels depending on the color transitions on the screen, and IPS panels have IPS glow which bothers some people. It's a matter of preference really.