Question 144Hz Flat or 144Hz Curved or 240Hz Flat?

Aug 9, 2018
I just upgraded to a GTX 1070 from an RX 570 (and I currently use a Ryzen 5 1600) and am looking at getting a new monitor to get more value out of my GPU and a better experience overall for gaming. I have been using a 75Hz freesync monitor but want both a higher refresh rate as well as G-Sync compatibility (oh and I'm sticking with 1920x1080). Obviously any G-Sync specific monitor is super expensive so I found Nvidia's official list of 12 G-Sync - supporting freesync monitors and narrowed it down to 3. The first is 24.5 in, 144hz, 1ms and just a flat screen(Link). The second is also 144hz, however it's 27 in. and curved and has a 4ms response time(Link). The third one is another 24.5 in, 1ms, and flat, however it's 240Hz(Link). They're all close in price so that's not really an issue. I just didn't really know which features I should prioritize. I understand that the jump from 60Hz (or 75Hz) to 144Hz is much bigger and easier to spot than the jump from 144Hz to 240Hz, however the game I play the most is CSGO and I know I could pull 240 FPS. If 240Hz isn't really worth it over 144Hz, I then wasn't sure if I should spend the extra $30 for the 27 in. curved or stick with the 24.5 in. flat. I also read that the difference in response times of 1ms and 4ms won't be noticeable in games so that's not a concern either. I know I just threw a whole lot of information out there so if anyone even takes the time to read it that would be greatly appreciated.