[SOLVED] 144Hz G-Sync Monitors and Display Ports

Hi all,

I just bought my fist 144Hz G-Sync monitor with a 2K resolution.

It didn't come with a display port, only an HDMI port. I wanted to know if it the display port is mandatory for me to use the 144Hz and G-Sync feature?

Right now I'm at 1440p60hz and can't even find the option to turn on G-Sync and 144Hz.


Your 1440p 144hz gsync monitor does not have display port? It must or it is not a gsync monitor, from my understanding gsync only works over DP. Quote from nvidia FAQ below. What is the make and model of this monitor?

Q: What are the requirements for using G-SYNC?
A: System must support DisplayPort 1.2 directly from the GPU.

I think the OP meant to say it didn't come with a DisplayPort cable.

Dear OP, here is a DisplayPort cable from Amazon Basics.
Use this to get higher refresh rate and G-Sync.

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