Question 144hz monitor blinks only when Gaming

May 11, 2019
Good Morning.

I have my monitor that blinks only when i game. i have made sure monitor resolution is set at 144hz and that my games match that as well
UFO test site displays 144hz correctly - no blinking
I would love any ideas you guys may have. I tried everything in my knowledge and some for my co workers ( I do IT for living)

Current Specs

fx8350 no OC
Corsair vengeance 16gb
750 Power Supply
XFX rx 480 4GB Regular no OC
Win 10 - Pro
Monitor: Acer XB270H DP cable
evo 850 SSD for both my OS and game drives

Troubleshooting done.

Cleaned whole PC, Fans, filters
Monitor temperature during stress test (71 C highest in GPU 73 C processor)
Clean Win 10 install
Reinstalled drivers
Updated drivers for MOBO and GPU
Checked event viewer for error logs
Tried monitor on different PC - Overwatch - no blinking
Tried different cables and ports in GFX card
Re seated all cables
Re seated CMOS

Thank you all for your time to read this post