Question 144hz monitor doesn't seem as smooth as it should + fps drops

Nov 15, 2021
Hello, Firstly I would like to say that my English is noot good. Okay,
So I'm having a problem with the gameplay in games, but not only, because when I move the cursor on the desktop it is also noticeable. The problem is that games and mouse movements on the desktop do not seem to be as smooth as they should be. But in games it occurs in specific situations, even though it is a constant 144 fps. For example, when there is a lot going on on the monitor during the game, the monitor loses fluidity and looks like I have a 30hz monitor. Or when there is a lot of textures on my screen it happens too. And on top of that I also have fps drops. I remember fixing this once. I went into the bios, turned on intelturbo boost and the gameplay was very smooth and no fps drops. And the next day the same problem again. Please help me, I have been struggling with this problem for a long time and I would like to play games in peace.

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 SUPER
Processor: i5-9400f
Motherboard: Asus Prime b360m-d
RAM: hyperx 2x8 (2666mhz)
Disk: 1ssd, 1hdd (hdd is only for documents)
Monitor: AOC G2590FX 144hz 1ms

I have up-to-date all drivers and XMP enabled in bios of course