Question 144Hz Monitor is giving vertical green lines (not permanent) on left half of screen [GTX 1660 Ti]

Jul 8, 2020
Hi Community Members,

Below is my RIG:

Mother Board: MSI X570 Gaming Plus
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
GPU: MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X
RAM: 2*8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX ddr4 3600 MHz
PSU: Corsair VS650
Monitor: Dell S2716DG

Back Story:

I just bought the monitor. According to store guy, it is brand new but it did not have warranty card. So he gave me his shop warranty for 4 months.
The PC build is custom and all components are brand new with warranty. Before buying this monitor, I was using a 60 Hz with HDMI cable, working absolutely fine.


Now I am using my new monitor with DP Cable. The resolution is 2560*1440. The issue is that when I change the frequency of my monitor to 144 Hz. It randomly starts giving green vertical lines on right half of the screen.
Sometimes they are dark and sometimes they just disappear. On white background I cannot feel it. But on dark, like black or grey, they are prominent.
When I change frequency to 60 Hz or 120 Hz, it works fine, there is not even a trace of those lines.

Things I tried:

I have tried turning on and off G-Sync. I also switched to other DP output of my graphics card. But still issue is same.
DP Cable I am using came with the monitor. I have not tried with other DP cable.

Have anyone faced this issue before or know how to fix this. Please suggest the solutions.

Below are the Screenshots:

Thanks in Advance