Question 144Hz Monitor stuck at 60Hz

May 26, 2020
Hey all. Just got a new 144Hz monitor (Acer ED273) and the UFOTest is saying I'm only getting 60Hz. I've searched to the ends of the internet and none of the solutions are working.

When I go to my display settings, advanced display settings, display adapter properties, monitor, it's selected at 144Hz. I updated my graphics card (AMD Radeon R9 390), updated the drivers on the monitor, updated my Windows version, have it connected with a DisplayPort cable, nothing is working. My roommate upstairs has the exact same monitor running at 144Hz on his PC, I tried his cable and it's still stuck at 60Hz. Tried different browsers. I just don't understand what's going on.

Here's the thing:

I have 2 other montiors connected through DVI that are running at 60Hz each. When I unplugged them, the 144hz was reading at 144hz. When I plugged them back in, it dropped back down to 60hz. To my knowledge, this makes no sense, because one monitor shouldn't dumb down the other.

Any help is appreciated!