Question 144hz monitor stutter/ displaying different refresh rate?


Jan 24, 2019
I previously had an Acer SB220Q 75hz standard 21inch display. I just bought an Acer 240y Pbiip 144hz 24inch monitor from eBay that was manufacturer refurbished (from Acer recertified). It is insanely smooth and really fun to play on when it works. It cost me $110 which I thought was a steal and now I'm beginning to see why. In the beginning, it was fine and had no issues. After about a day I start getting random black screens during gameplay in Fortnite. This happened with my previous monitor as well randomly so I didn't make a big deal of it. Then, after playing a few games and using the monitor for a while in-game when I move my screen around it would stutter whenever my fps moved below 144 (no matter if it was only 1-5 frames below). Normally I would notice no difference even if it was 20 frames but this stutter looked like I was back to 75hz again unless my fps was constant 144. Whenever I restart my pc it fixes itself, then a few hours later happens again. I contacted Acer and they said that they can't help me and that they can only do a repair for $150 or return it. Seeing as I bought it for $110, I am thinking about returning it. I already tried: Updating drivers for my GPU, uninstalling and reinstalling new drivers for my GPU, and turning off freesync. The one thing that has worked is having my screen be windowed (not windowed full screen) but I see my desktop and it's a small picture to play on. Any assistance is very much appreciated.

System specs (built 8 months ago)
Asus rog strix rx 580 (no overclock)
ryzen 5 2600
b450-a pro msi
16gb corsair led vengeance ram
4 case fans
250gb samsung evo ssd
New monitor: Acer 240y pbiip 144hz
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