Question 144hz VA 2K, 75hz IPS 2K, 144hz full hd for RPGs and work?

Oct 23, 2021
I need to buy a new monitor and I would like to ask you for advice.
The monitor would be used for RPG playing (like Skyrim, Baldurs Gate 3 etc). No FPS, MMOs. Then for musical production and recording (So more space would be pretty good) and for some programming.

My current setup is: Radeon RX 580 8GB, AMD Radeon 5 2600, 16gb ram. Also I am going to buy new PC in 2 years.

I have always had full hd 60hz monitor so I am not sure how great it is to have high frequencies but I would really appreaciate higher resolution... Should I take:
1.) 144hz 27 inch VA 2k monitor
2.) 75hz 27 inch IPS 2K monitor
3.) 144hz full hd

I would probably rather take 2K over Full HD... what would you recommend me for my needs? Is it even necessary to have 144hz for my needs and especially for RPGs?

Thank you
That RX580 is not a 1440p/144hz card and for your workload you wont need the extra refresh rate. It might even struggle with some games on 2k but you might be able to bypass that by tweaking settings.
Go for the 75hz 2k option for best results.