Question 14Tb Enterprise-class drive, WD or Seagate?

Dec 10, 2019
Which hard disk is the best in terms of Reliability and Noise(Quite PC)?
Seagate Exos X16 14TB ST14000NM001G or WD 14TB DC HC530 WUH721414ALE6L4

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Dragos Manea

From my personal experience, i trust more Seagate, other peoples says that WD is better. Now to justify why i prefer seagate, 9 years ago i had 2x500GB wd blue, one completly died (does nto show up on BIOS) and the other had bad sector, 4 years ago bought a computer at work 2x1TB wd blue, both of them developed bad sectors after 3 years, 2 years ago i got my self for my personal computer a 4TB WD black, developed bad sectors after 1.5 years. In the same personal computer i have a 10tb seagata hdd (Iron wolf) for 2 years now, 2x2tb barracuda for 5 years now and at work 2x500GB barracuda all of them in perfect condition. Either i m the most unlucky WD customer or in ym country they send bad quality products.

Dragos Manea

You asked in terms of reliability and noise, not support, if drivers are an important part then update your thread and include support in your list. As driver concern i have no ideea which is better.
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Ive had a WD 6TB Red Pro drive in my computer for over 6 years now that holds all my steam games without any issues. I just added 2 more 6TB red drives earlier this year, while they have only been running for just under 6 months they dont show any issues ether. (computer also stays on 24/7)

WD has always been my go to drive for platters.

I have a HP gen8 server at work that takes/has 10 3TB Seagate Constellation drives in it 2 of them were DOA and a 3rd one died earlier this year.

Everyone has their HDD failure story, just pick one and go with it, thats why they make backups, replace, restore, and move on.
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Solid stats are hard to come by.
Here is a link I found that gives some actual statistics:
Reading the latest reports, It might indicate that the 14tb toshiba drives are goof.
Backblaze is hard to fully trust, at least in my opinion, unless they have changed their drive mounting techniques. That and they also tend to use consumer class drives in enterprise environments.

When it comes to HDD reliability in the Enterprise space I can tell you that NAS and servers with multiple drives don't use just one brand. When we have to swap out a failing drive from an array we can get a WD or Seagate or Samsung etc from Dell, HPE or whoever our NAS/Server is through. There is never a real pattern to it either.

I would personally go with Seagate, they have done well for me over the years, but in enterprise class drives reliability is vastly better than consumer so I don't think either choice is a bad way to go.


Mar 16, 2013
If you were to go around to all the companies within a 2 mile radius of your house, you'd probably find a 40/40/20 mix.
40% Seagate, 40% WD, 20% other.
All companies running just fine.

Fleetwide reliability doesn't mean a whole lot for your single instance drive. They are mostly the same, there is no clear winner.
If there were a clear winner, the loser would quickly fix that.