15" laptop with focus on mobility


Sep 5, 2010

I am from Finland, looking to buy a Windows 10 laptop with a max budget of around 1.000 €. It should have a 15.6" FullHD display. Focus will be on mobile use, for that reason I would prefer it to be as light and small as possible, as well as have at least adequate touchpad/keyboard. I like touchpads where the buttons are separate from the main pad, so that would be a plus. Long battery life is an important factor as well.

I would mostly use it for work and casual stuff like writing documents, skype and browsing the web. I would like the Windows performance to be as snappy as possible. I won't be playing much games on it, so would prefer an integrated GPU like the Intel 620. Hard disk capacity is also not too big of a deal, 256Gb would be the ideal amount. I don't want it to have any mechanical hard disks, just one main SSD. Optical drive is also not required. I hope to manage with this laptop for the next 3-5 years (excluding the battery which I would probably have to get changed at some point).

I already tested out one laptop - the Asus ZenBook UX433, which I was able to get at a discounted price of 875 €. But I find the 14" display just a tad too small for my taste, and I've also been getting some touchpad issues like I've read others have also with the Zenbooks. So to be able to avoid that issue, I'd prefer the laptop to be something other than Asus. Though to be honest, those two were pretty much the only gripes I had with the UX433. Otherwise it suited my needs very well. I understand when I move over to 15.6", I won't be able to get anything as mobile as the UX433, but that's fine - as long as it's on the "mobile" end of the 15" laptops.

Any suggestions as to what might be good choice(s) for me?
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