1500-2000 gaming pc


May 5, 2009

can someone help me build my new rig. i plan to buy it by the end of may. I plan to spend around 1500 but i can go up until 2000 as long as the money worth it.

Most of the time i will use my computer for gaming and some web designing.

Im building from scratch so technically i need everything.

This is the parts that i have in mind.

LG W2353V-Pf 23inch full HD monitor 250

Core i7 920. (is it D0 from newegg?) 289

Evga X58 SLI 299

WD RE3 1TB HDD 160

OCZ Platinum 1600mhz 6GB 95

Corsair 850TX 150

EVGA GTX275 896MB 250

That leaves me with 1493.

I need a case (thinking of cosmos s) and keyboard&mice.

And a decent cooler.. Plan to WC if stays within 2000 budget..

im open to any suggestion or comments.

and if you guys found another cheap website to buy those things, kindly show me.

Thanks guys for your help..


Dec 18, 2008
You could buy a Cosmos 1000 or a HAF 932 for the case. Have you considered the GTX 285 for the graphics card?
Well Change the HDD to this...WD BLack 1TB...
The RE3 Hdds are about $50 more and the performance difference doesn't not justify this price difference...

And get this mobo...It has better ratings and is very good and cheaper...

Well saving here and there get you $80, you could invest that and get a GTX 285...

Not that the GTX 275 is good for that resolution...it is just that having the single powerful card you can get would make sense...And the 285 would play even future games at high settings better than the GTX275 on that monitor for atleast a year or more...
The coolers that I had suggested are all top rated and you could find their reviews easily...
But there is one cooler that I had not mentioned, which is the Thermalright TRUE Black Ultra-120 eXtreme CPU Cooler ...It is also one of the best but is not available at newegg...

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