15c temp gap between E8400 cores


Jun 30, 2008
So i've had this cpu for a year now and i realize that i got from 10c to sometimes 20c temp gap between core 0 and core 1. I have Zalman 9500 hsf and i use mx-2 thermal grease on both. I managed to lap both the cpu and the hsf pretty well hoping this would fix the problem or so, but no luck. I re-mount and re-applied the thermal grease 3 times but still getting around the same temps:

core 0: ~20c
core 1: ~35c

load 100%
core 0: ~35c
core 1: ~45c

I use realtemp latest version. I have never overclocked the chip. I do'nt know if it would be a good idea.
I really need some help here.