Question 16:9/16:10 games on 4:3 CRT monitor ?

Mar 23, 2021
Hello everyone, I recently bought a 115Khz CRT monitor capable of reaching 2048x1536 75Hz (I bought it to play it not because I have no money, I already have a 240Hz fullhd and a 4k 144Hz both asus so don't tell me to buy a monitor again thanks), with native 4: 3 games nothing to say is spectacular while in games in 16: 9 it creates black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, now I tried to stretch it to full screen from the monitor settings but given that the displayed part does not exploit all the pixels and stretching it does not exploit the pixels of the whole screen thus reducing the maximum resolution I wanted to find a way to adapt the image in 16: 9 to full screen, I have already tried with the nvidia setting '' full screen '' control panel with both GPU and screen stretch but nothing changes, does anyone have a solution please?
What you're asking is sounding like to me "I want to make square peg fit perfectly in a round hole without modifications to either"

Aspect ratio affects the vertical resolution based on the horizontal resolution (at least in computers). It doesn't matter what you do, a horizontal resolution of 1920 is vertically going to be 1440 in 4:3 and 1080 in 16:9. You can't ask for "16:9" and expect a final output of 1920x1440 without letterboxing because mathematically it doesn't make sense.
I really can't tell what you're asking for. You're going to have to clarify exactly what you want. It sounds like you're asking to make a 16:9 source image to completely fill a 4:3 area without stretching it. Or in other words, to take a shape with one set of proportions, and change it into a shape with different proportions, but without changing the proportions, which is a contradiction.


Jan 24, 2021
I have a CRT with the same native resolution and decided to limit it to 1920*1440p, most new games have rendering engines that are only compatible with widescreen ratios, however you can sometimes edit a couple of files or download a mod that allows 4:3/5:4 compatibility.

In conclusion you can't "adapt" 16:9 to a square screen, you need to modify it. I chose 1920 horizontal pixels because it allows my monitor in particular to hit the 85Hz mark instead of the regular 60, and because the games "know" what 1920 pixels are and just need to increase the vertical rendering to fill the whole screen. Cyberpunk for example looks glitchy -more than the usual- if it's not set to the "windowed fullscreen" mode.