Question 1600 vs 3400g CPU choice.


Dec 14, 2013
Hi guys,

Quick question. Which would you recommend between the two?
1600 (non X) vs 3400g

I havent found a lot of info online about a comparison between the two chips as its a bit of a weird comparison, but right now I am stuck deciding between the two.
Yes going for the 3600 would be a better choice, but here where I am from, the price difference is quite large and the 3400g falls more in my budget.

I currently have :

GPU - RX580 8GB
CPU - i3 6100
RAM - 8GB 2400mhz

Playing games like Dayz SA, older Call of Dutys, Battlefield 1, Rainbow 6 Siege, Witcher 3 occasionally and a few other games not worth mentioning because they arent demanding.
I dont use my pc to stream, just gaming, movies and the occasional university work.

Im not looking at getting 100+ FPS at all times, im just looking for an upgrade that will make life a little better when using my pc. I dont want my pc to half die when im playing a game and try to open up chrome or another app, or have discord lag my voice out when playing a game that uses all of my little i3's power.

Would going for the newer architecture benefit me more or is it a safer bet to go for the older tech and put a 3600 in when I eventually need to upgrade down the line?

Edit - the 2600 isnt an option here in South Africa. Cant seem to find any stock.
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The Ryzen 5 3400G is only 2nd-gen, despite its 3000 series naming convention. Same with the 2200G/2400G, those are 1st-gen Ryzen (14nm) and the 3200G/3400G are 2nd-gen Ryzen (12nm). The 3600 is 3rd-gen and has the newest (7nm) architecture.

Since you already have a GPU, I'd go with the 1600 and then upgrade from there later if you need it.


Jun 13, 2011
1600. Total value for money. You can find the 1600 cheaper than the 3400G in most places and its better suited to the use cases you've mentioned. And the integrated graphics in the 3400G is kinda useless to you (except for troubleshooting purposes) since you already have a 580.

Also, these newer 1600s seem to be more receptive to overclocking. Just get one to 3.8-3.9GHz and you won't be far off the performance of a 2600. So unless the 2600 is not all that much more expensive than the 1600 in SA, I'd go with the 1600.
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