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Question 1600AF motherboard compatibility

Apr 15, 2020
Hi, I've been having some trouble with the AMD booting process with my motherboard the Asrock B450m Steel Legend and my system will not boot. All fans spin, all lights that can come on do, and I can power my keyboard through the motherboard and I get no output to my monitor. The HDMI cable is working and it is plugged into my GPU since my CPU does not have integrated graphics. On the website for my motherboard, I realised that I may need a BIOS update (https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/B450M Steel Legend/#CPU 1600AF right at the bottom of the list) for the CPU but I am not sure since the AMD representative I spoke to, to receive a boot kit from, kept repeating that my 'B450 motherboard' would not need a BIOS update, when the BIOS on the website says it needs a more recent BIOS than that of the 3rd gen series. At this point I'm split between the possibilities of another component not working or the CPU needing an update.
Thanks for any help.
I’d say you are right unless you can confirm what BIOS is installed and it’s P2.90 or later. Sounds like the support rep isn’t aware of how recently the AF was released and it is different architecture to the original 1000 series. It’s 12nm instead of 14nm.
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