160GB WD HDD SATA (Trying to repair)


May 8, 2012
Having a few problems with a friends HDD he gave me to repair.

Got 7 PCs in htis house and on every XP based one when added to as SATA just as it logs into Windows i get a BSOD.

when added to a windows 7 machine it says 'Starting windows' and nothing happens.

I must point out this drive is not the master the drive with the OS on are my masters so my C: drives.

Just trying to recover files for the friend.

I have got a USB adapter to plug it into PC via USB but then when i do that and try to run 'GetDataBack' it completely locks the computer up.
Exact same problem on all 7 of my home PC's.

I could be wrong but am i righti n thinking theres a piece of software out there which i can use to scan the HDD at PC startup?

something i can burn to disc as an image which i can boot and fix that problem with the hard drive which keeps not allowing me to see its contents.

Maybe a boot sector repair?

Anyone know what to do?