$1650 home office / gaming rig


Oct 21, 2008
It's 5:30AM PST (I have to goto work in 3 hours)...

Just built a monster office / gaming rig for my brother in law and it's freaken awesome!!!

We were trying to save much $$$ as possible...
He spent grand total of $1651.XX(including shipping & taxes). Compare to $2600+ he was gonna spend it on overpriced Alienware crap...


Intel Core I7 920 @ 3.5GHz 1.2v ... ($230 @ Micro Center)
Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD3R SLI motherboard
OCZ XMP 6GB DDR3 1600 memory (8-8-8-24)
2 x Super Talent UltraDrive ME 32GB SSD in raid 0 w/ icydock covers (OS drive) *** I personally have G.SKILL 64GB SSD in raid 0 and these (S.T.) out performs my G.SKILLS.
750GB Western Digital Caviar GP HDD (storage drive)
Samsung DVD-RW with lightscribe
2 x PNY GTX 260 Core 216 in SLI (originally wanted one GTX 295 but saving of $190 by going with two core 216 made us think)
Corsair 750TX power supply
Antec Three Hundred case with 2 x front, 1 side 120mm Xigmatek white led fans (no space left after 2 x GTX 260)
Xigmatek S1283 Dark Knight
Sunbeam RHK Rheobus fan controller (please don't buy this controller, its a faken crap!)

Running in Windows Se7en 64 bit (build 7000)

We should have spent little more and gotten a better/bigger case but Ante 300 will do the job with additional 3 x 120mm fans. If new builder want to get a fast quad-core processors(AMD PII 955 or Core I7), please get SSD, and put em in raid 0... You'll freaken LOVE IT!!! Windows loads in seconds and read speed is like no other.We were thinking putting 150GB Veloci raptors in raid 0 but I took the SSD road.