Question 1650 Low profile successor

Jan 15, 2021
I am wondering if there will be a successor for the GTX 1650 that draws 75 watts.

I am going to upgrade my prebuilt system and 1650 is the best card compatible, but will Nvidia make a successor for it in the Ampere or coming 4000 (?) series. Will there be something like a low profile 3050 or 4050? I have am sure that my PSU can handle the 75 watts and that my PC case has enough space for a low profile version.

Just to clarify, I am currently running integrated graphics and want to upgrade to a better GPU.

Is it worth waiting, or will there be no successor that draws 75 watts?

Thank you!
I doubt thee will be another 50 series card.
What Prebuilt PC do you have?
They are plans for a 3050 and 3050ti but the rumors say they are meant for laptops.

No one really knows if they will release for desktops and if they will have 75w draw but my guess is that they will make a gpu newer than 1650 that will draw 75w. When? May next gen? Maybe this one? Maybe in a refresh?
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