[SOLVED] 1660(Non ti) vs 10606GB

Apr 24, 2019
Hello all. I tried doing some research on this but couldn't find anything so I created an account to get a direct answer =D

My friend got his hands on a 4690k, Z97, 650 Psu, and 16gb of DDR3 all for 150$ Canadian from a close friend so it's hard to pass up that deal lol. He's aware that it's going to be very budget and he doesn't care what settings he'll be running his games at.
The one thing he cares about, is getting the best bang for his $.

My main question, is what would be a better purchase for the i5 4690k, the 10606gb or the 1660(Non ti). I'm scared of the 1660 being a little bit to much for the i5 4690k and am worried about bottlenecking to much. Just need some opinions to gain some confidence :)

1060 6gb 279$
1660 (non ti) 299$

Also I wasn't sure if I should post this in the bottlenecking thread or gpu thread as this is my first time.

I think there might be a minor CPU limitation at 1080p, but an overclock can help this.
The 4690k is fast enough that even if the I5 limits the GTX 1660, you should still see decent framerate in most titles. Vsync might help any limits that may occur.
At any higher resolution like 1440p, there will be no CPU limitation.
The GTX 1660 is worth the extra money for some more performance, newer architecture, and future proofing if he decides to upgrade CPU to an I7 later.