Question 1660 overclocking voltage?

Mar 7, 2019
So I just bought a 1660 msi gaming x and I decided that I want to overclock it to reach 1660ti performance. I am new to overclocking but I managed to overclock it to +175mhz core clock and +275 mhz memory clock. The card seemed stable but my question is what should I do with my core voltage. Curently it is set to max +100% as well as the power limit to 105%. I know high voltage can damage my gpu but is this too high and if i have to lower it how much? The temps are good, not going over 64 and fans are not spining most of the time.
Pumping in more voltage will lesson the life of the chip. But even at 100%, your chip will probably be obsolete before it dies. You will probably see a bigger performance bump by moving up the power limiter to 120%.

In the end, the way a GPUs boost today, they kinda overclock themselves to a degree. You are not going to overclock a 1660 and get 1660ti performance. At best you will see a 5% bump in games. For the most part, you wont see the difference in the real world, only in benchmarks.

The point is, if you are worried about the life of the GPU, then dont try and get every mhz of clockspeed out of it because in the end, it really wont matter. Leave the voltage at stock and see how far you can bump up the clock. You will still get an overclock that may not be too far behind your +175mhz without putting any more voltage to the chip.

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