Question 1660 Super not performing well ?

Oct 15, 2020
Hello everyone, I just helped my friend build his first pc and its been the worst experience for him. This might be an easy fix and im just dumb, but we've searched everywhere and cant find a fix. Everything seemed to be fine after the first minor hiccups and we got it working, however it can't run game at a high frame rate.


i7-10700KA (the one that came with marvel avengers)
be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
GTX 1660 Super (planning on upgrading to 3080 when possible)
Asus ROG z490-F Gaming
WD Blue 1TB m.2 ssd
32gb (2x16gb) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600
Corsair RM650 PSU

Games like League of legends were only getting about 30-60 frames, valorant was getting around 80-100, and sea of thieves was around 40. When we first built the pc we found out the cpu was only running at .8 ghz and had a horrible score on cinebench. We realized we had to change the power save setting and increase it to high performance. Although it did boost the cpu to around 3.6ghz it only gave a slight increase in performance to the games making what I listed above (Before it was getting worse frames). All the temperatures seem to be normal for everything. Does anyone know why it's not getting the fps it should be. My 1060 in my build gets WAYYY better fps, why???? PLEASE HELP

RTX 2080

Jun 8, 2020
Something is up with his CPU, it should be boosting to at least 4.5 GHz. What CPU temperatures is he getting?

Unless its a problem with the motherboard, I think the CPU is having issues. It might be best to try to return it if he has that option.