Question 1660 ti memory oc??

Dec 26, 2018
i was dicking around with my MSI 1660 ti Gaming X yesterday and managed to squeeze an extra 44 mhz core clock overclock but when i got to memory it seemed to just keep climbing...

stock memory clock is 6000 Mhz
its GDDR6
i managed to do a +1500 memory clock to 7501
seemed to run fine no weird pix-elation issues or random splotches appearing haven't really tested with furmark and just having the slider maxed made me uncomfortable since its not normal my 1060 3gb i swapped it for only managed a +600 memory anything higher caused random white and purple pixels to bounce around on the screen but did a decent + 240 on core
i know the rtx cards run stock 7000 Mhz memory and can still hit near + 1000 overclocks so is a 7500 Mhz clock normal for a 1660 ti still running GDDR6 or what
just that high of a number seems Unnatural!
anywhere i can test memory aswell?
have it sitting at a + 1000 right now and wondering if i should just max it