16GB 1333 or 12GB 1600 RAM?


Nov 25, 2011
Hi everyone,
I'm just wondering which is better option between 16GB 1333 vs 12GB 1600 RAM? And how much difference?
Also 12GB 1333 vs 8GB 1600 RAM?

Thks in advance.

Today's RAM is so cheap, so I would go with 16GB 1333, if u don't do any 3D or video editing, u can live easily on 8GB.

And the speed between them is nothing u would ever notice in the real life.

Only in some benchmarks.

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You should also take into account what platform you are using.

If you are using LGA1366 then you have triple channel RAM and would use 3 matched sticks for maximum memory bandwidth. So in that case 12GB would make sense.

All other platforms use dual channel except the new Sandy Bridge E X79 platform and that uses quad channel so you still would use 4 x 4GB sticks.