16GB Corsair RAM: Vengeance Pro 1866MHz @ $170 or Vengeance 1600MHz @ $144?

If you didn't buy things yet, I'd say cut down on mobo cost and get 2x4GB 1866...then put money into a 770 instead of a 760. You'll game at higher settings and smoother yet don't lose out on performance unless you are a professional photographer or editor.
The tall heat spreaders of those vengeance sticks are mostly marketing and increase the cost.
Low profile will be better, particularly if you are using a good air cooler like the Noctua NH-D14.

As to the speed, it makes little difference on cpu performance. With the same cas9, I might expect 1% or so.
Here is a recent article that discusses haswell ram in excruciating detail:

My take is that the amount of ram is most important, I like 16gb. The 4670K is so competent at stock that spending extra on ram is not much worth it.
Also, most ram vendors are good. In addition to corsair, I like g.skil, and have use patriot and Kingston in the past without issue.

Tran Viet

Oct 3, 2013
I know that those heat spreaders don't do much, but the LP costs extra money sigh :( Does anyone knows if the CM Hyper 212 EVO will fit over the normal Vengeance RAM?

The main question is not of performance, but of overclocking stability. I don't know if the Pro version uses better chips or is it just branding. Any experience?



If you use all 4 slots, there will be clearance issues with slot 1.

But, with the 212 EVO, you can work around that.
1. put the fan on the other side to pull air through
2. Rotate the whole thing so that it is blowing vertically
3. Slide the fan up a little. It is not hardmounted in that exact position

Personally, I'd get the low profile and not have to worry about it.