Question 16GB Kit of either Crucial, HyperX Fury, AND OR Corsair. in my old ass dell optiplex 3010 system

Feb 17, 2020
Ive been doing some research whether or not 16 gigs of ram will work in this system, and i know ive seen people say it works or not and im mostly seeing yes but im not too sure.
i know the 3rd gen intel boards only support either 1333mhz ram - 1600mhz ram and im wondering if it will actually work. Ive seen mixed results.

ANOTHER THING is should i get 1.35 Voltage ram or 1.5 Voltage ram for this system. since i know dell probably will not allow us to over/under volt ram in the BIOS
So I have a Dell 3020 that uses ddr3. My cpu will support 1600Mhz speeds so I got a 16gb kit for that speed. But other than that, check the Dell specs and buy some used modules on here to avoid the fakes on amazon and ebay. (You can buy used on ebay to avoid some fakes there.)