Question 16GB RAM @ 3200Mhz or 32GB RAM @ 2933Mhz on Ryzen 7 4800H

Keep or Swap RAM Configurations?

  • Swap for 32GB of 2933Mhz RAM into new PC and 16GB 3200Mhz into old PC

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  • Keep present memory configurations as-is, increase price on old laptop that's being flipped

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May 29, 2012
A new laptop that I've purchased is arriving tomorrow, it sports a Ryzen 7 4800H and 16GB (2x8GB) RAM @ 3200Mhz. In a different laptop that I was going to flip for cash after I've received the new laptop, I've got 32GB (2x16GB) RAM @ 2933Mhz paired with an i5-10300H (max 2933Mhz & 32GB RAM supported). I'm conflicted as to whether I should swap the modules between the two laptops, or keep the memory configurations as-is and just up the price on the laptop that I'm selling. I put it to the forums, what do you folks think?

For those who are curious:

The new laptop is an EVOO EG-LP7-BK
- Ryzen 7 4800H CPU
- 2x8GB RAM @ 3200Mhz
- RTX 2060 Mobile 6GB GDDR6
- 512GB NVME SSD (planning to swap)
- Windows 10 Home

The laptop that I'm planning to flip is a "Gateway" (Acer's rebranding of EVOO laptops) GWTN156-3BK
- i5-10300H CPU
- 2x16GB RAM @ 2933Mhz
- RTX 2060 Mobile 6GB GDDR6
- 2TB NVME SSD (planning to swap)
- Windows 10 Home


If you’ve got both. Try both and see what’s faster for you. It really comes down to your memory usage. There’s no advantage to the 32GB if you don’t need more than 16GB.

If you’re close to using 16GB. Then go 32GB to boost productive lifespan. Otherwise the slower memory will mean lower Infinity Fabric speeds. Thus slightly lower overall speed.