17inch Gaming Laptop Recommendations


Nov 13, 2017
Hello guys. I am looking to buy a gaming laptop & my budget is between £1200-£2000.
  1. I want 17 inch screen size (it's for gaming, & thus larger the screen, the better)
  2. I need it to have a good GPU (1660Ti vs. 2060 vs. 2070?) & a good CPU (10th gen vs 9th gen? i7 vs. i9?)
  3. I usually play at 1080p resolution, & want the max FPS (60+) at ultra settings for games like RDR 2, GTA 5, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, AC Odyssey & newer AAA titles
  4. I don't play 4K or VR
  5. I don't need good battery as for gaming the laptop will be plugged in
  6. I also do quite a bit of batch photo & video editing (but gaming is the 1st priority)
  7. I want support for SSD (preferably dual SSD & SATA HDD setup). I don't care about the size, as I can buy & add a 2TB SSD with 1+ TB SATA HDD
  8. Any RAM will do, as I can add/replace stock ones with DDR4 3200MHz ones later
  9. I want to keep it for the next 5 years atleast
  10. I live in the UK & I will have to order online (thanks to COVID lockdown)
  11. I don't need an optical drive, just USB ports will do
I have searched online & picked 2 laptops, with pros & cons & am unable to decide between them. Please do feel free to suggest any others if I have missed.
Medion Erazer X17805: Asus Strix G712LV:
I saw another laptop which has a very long waiting period & is kinda new, so I don't want to wait too long as I need the laptop soon.
ASUS ROG Strix G17 G712LWS-EV003T: https://uk.store.asus.com/laptops/g...ia-rtx-2070-8gb-graphics-windows-10-home.html (stocks expected after july 15th)

I also have some question about the hardware:

Questions about the CPU:
From what I understand, the newest CPU is the 10th gen intels (not a fan of AMD). I did browse for a few laptops online in my budget, & they (Medion Erazer) have the 9th gen CPUs & only Asus Strix has the 10th gen CPU.

The Medion Erazer has the 9th gen processor, whereas the Asus Strix has 10th gen. I don't know what the H at the end of the CPU name means. Also, I remember reading that only i9s have hyperthreading & that i7s don't have them. Is this true? How strongly would you recommend the newer 10th gens over the older 9th gens? Is there a big difference or is just like iphones, with not much changes with newer models? (sorry apple fans)

How is the brand Medion? I haven't heard about them, but they are selling powerful laptops for a lower price (when you compare them to Alienware)

Questions about the GPU:
Which GPU would you recommend, the 1650Ti, 1660Ti, 2060 or 2070? I know that the 20XX series is newer & higher spec, but the 16XX models in the above models I have shared are Titans, so I am assuming they are better/stronger? I remember hearing that when I was buying my desktop GPU (I was told that the 1080Ti is any day better than a 2060?)

Is RTX only possible on 2070 & 2080? In my budget, I can't afford a 2080, but the Medion Erazer X17805 comes with a 2070, but an older 9th gen i7, which is in my budget.

So basically I'm torn between 2 laptops: Medion Erazer X17805 (9th gen i7 with 2070) & Asus Strix G712LV (10th gen i7 with 2060). For gaming, which is better? The 2060 with 10th gen CPU or 2070 with 9th gen CPU?

Questions about HDD & RAM:
I also want to know whether I can install any HDD onto the laptop or is it specific to type of HDD & other specifications. Suppose the HDD comes only with a SATA HDD, can I remove that & install an SSD, or does it need to have a separate slot for SSD & SATA? I found that 2TB WesternDigital SSDs are available on Amazon for £230-250. I can replace or add onto the existing the HDD if laptops generally have more slots for HDD.

If I replace the HDD, how do I transfer the free Windows 10 that comes preloaded onto the HDD? We generally don't get the CD key with the laptop, & the windows setup files are preloaded onto the HDD. How do I setup my new windows on the new HDD?

I have the same concern with RAMs... I read that 3200 DDR4 are the best, but laptops come with 23xx MHz RAMs. Do all laptops support the 3200 RAM or are some restricted to lower RAM? How many slots do laptops usually have for RAM? If there are extra, I can add additional 3200 RAM to the existing 23XX RAMs (can I do that or wouldn't you recommend it?)

Also, if you have any other suggestion which I haven't considered & fits my budget, I'd be grateful for that as well.

Thanks, & sorry for the long post.


Nov 13, 2017
I did some digging online and found that MSI has a model with newer 10th Gen CPU, 2070 super GPU, though 512gb nvme SSD with 1tb sata. But it's £2200. Is this worth it? I can get the Asus for £1650, with same config except the 2060 GPU instead of 2070 super. And I read online that MSI is very flimsy and breaks down quickly. Is that true? Please help me out here guys :(