Question 1903 Coming at you whether you like it or not (Forbes article)


Oct 10, 2016
Here's the Forbes article

One of the discussed causes (discussed does not mean verified, but what can you do) is incompatibility with some of the major anti-virus programs. ESET actually had a warning about issues with the update. My solution was I did not install Eset on this latest OS installation (I installed OS about four times before everything began to work correctly).

I am writing on a brand new build that had a number of instability issues. Maybe some were 1903. I didn't have any choice. If you're building now and install Win 10, you're going to get 1903. I went so far as to buy a Win 8.1 key, since Win 8.1 was the most stable system I've owned, much better than Win XP.

But for now I'm on Win 10. On this my latest installation I disconnected completely from the net during the installation process and have systematically said no to windows' efforts to get me to connect to an on-line account and also thwarted some "features" such as the on-line search results that come when you are trying to do a file search on your own machine. It is hard to conceive of the level of idiocy incompetence that would greenlight that from the bottom to the top.

But I read that most of MS's income growth is coming from on line services so they are going to push us on to the net come h*ll or high water, and if that generates instability they'll "help" us by offering us on line data storage for a monthly fee. I'm still flirting with going back to 8.1 but barring a major crash I guess it's too late. Each day that goes by I get further embedded in this one.

Greg N


Jul 2, 2019
Indeed. And having read the article linked to in its entirety I am quite shocked at just how shoddy and slipshod the reporting is.

It does not comport with anything else in the tech press at large nor what we have been seeing with regard to Windows 10 Version 1903 issues being reported on online forums, where complaints come fast and furious when truly "troubled" updates occur.

1903 has been quite placidly smooth on the whole, a very welcome relief from the debacle that was 1809 (which took me entirely by surprise at the time, as up until then each feature update had been getting less and less problematic).


Mar 16, 2013
I only know what I read (like this article, published right here at TH), and I don't know enough about it to argue the fine points with gentlemen such as yourself. --Greg N
Now that antivirus vendors are more aware of this change (it’s unclear why they weren’t when the change happened in the Insider Preview phase of development), future updates should fix most of the clients.

And now, 3 months later, it seems to be a non-issue.

A 'problem' or incompatibility that was noticed and reported early on does not always remain a 'problem'.


Jul 2, 2019
Indeed. "Issues" are not encased in amber, but are generally addressed once identified.

They are not always the fault of Microsoft, either, though of course sometimes they are. It was astounding at the introduction of Windows 10 how many third-party software makers chose to ignore its imminent release and ignore making changes until after it was out and issues were occurring.


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Forbes is clickbait, getting on the story that is all the rage, collect all the people who are in "I told you so mode". Last place i would believe Tech news from is an online news site that isn't tech based in its main role.

1903 is not even in same league as 1809 was. As I have said elsewhere, it was an anti climax, I haven't had toi change anything I do to adjust to it. Almost every other update has come along with problems we have to help solve here, that has no happened with 1903. That and Microsoft support last 3 versions of 10 now so those on 1803 won't be pushed to upgrade for another 6 months, giving software/hardware makers time to release updates that could be stopping people from updating windows.
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I ditched ESET long, long ago because they can't stay current and caused OS issues. and I love 1903. it's marvelous.

i used 1903 to make my new build machine host when my super old machine suddenly died of cpu failure. it's a treat.

I've also made a new 1903 test VM, also very nice. No prolems with anything on any one of them