Question 192kHz audio stuttering after PC sleep

Jul 12, 2020
I've got a Yamaha A-S501 DAC connected to my Windows 10 1909 PC via optical S/PDIF (it's a built-in soundcard on an ASUS P6T SE mb). The DAC supports discretisation up to 24bit 192kHz, this is what i set in S/PDIF output properties and it all works fine before the PC goes to sleep due to inactivity, or when i manually put it to sleep instead of shutting down. When it wakes up, audio playback starts to stutter a lot (no matter what load is the PC under, even when it does nothing except playing music). Downgrading quality to 96kHz fixes it, but raising up again to 192kHz causes even more stuttering. If i reboot the PC - everything goes back to normal.

I understand that using shutdown instead of sleep is a non-issue at all :), but this might indicate some other stuff that requires attention, so i wonder if someone other than myself has seen this happening? I've studied and executed the fix it suggests, which didn't seem to help (even though it definitely looked like my case).