[SOLVED] 1ms (gtg) 144hz TN vs 4ms (gtg) IPS Monitor

Oct 6, 2020
I've been doing my research for quiet a bit, and the more I do it, the more confused I get. All videos, forums, and threads that I've seen are 3-5 years old.

I'm a casual gamer who plays different kinds of game genres, looking to buy a new 144hz monitor. I've been trying to understand if there'd be a noticeable difference when it comes between having a 1ms (gtg) 144hz TN and 4ms (gtg) IPS Monitor.
I've been using ASUS VG24QE monitor for a few years, that has a TN panel with 1 ms (gtg), where I have adjusted the colors manually through the display settings and by adding a color profile. So I don't know how big of a difference do IPS panels show when it comes to colors.

Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
1ms (gtg) 144hz TN and 4ms (gtg) IPS Monitor, the difference will be slightly noticable when in very quick moving scenes, like turning around in FPS shooter real quick whle have light background such a sky with dark weapon travelling across it. It would manifest as slight ghosting. I would say if you prefer FPS games go for TN, if you're an RPG buff, MMO addict or mainly use PC for watching videos/movie,s go for IPS.

TN by the very nature of their construction have rather poor viewing angles. Color accuracy of TN is modest at best as lot of color range is done by interpolation on controller level.
It's the very reason in plane switching came into existence. And it took quite a while to get it working.

Now despite inherent limitations of TN panels, they're quite cheap to produce compared to other options, for gaming purposes color accuracy is more than adequate and since very few people actually play together on the same computer these days, chances are slim to spend much time viewing it at angles beyong 70deg on either axis when playing alone.

Now having said IPS is becoming quite a bit of misnomer. Many manufactures brand their products as IPS while in reality those panels are anything from IPS, S-IPS, PLS to AHVA, i've even seen Asus market a 32 inch AMVA panel as IPS ( that's quite a BIG stretch) .