Oct 2, 2014
I'm having a serious micro code glitch that disable the video output from GPU automatically.

Here's the story

If I sleep my computer or if I turn the monitor off and leave it there then going outside, when I'm back to use my computer again, it's likely that I will got no signal message after I wake up my computer, but if I still have some luck then it won't.. I'm so confused.

There's no picture output from the GPU all the sudden and it seems to be randomly occurred most of the time when computer was put to sleep.

But even I'm trying to avoid to put my computer to sleep, in the end, I still got no signal message when I power on my computer.

Later on I found out that I can change the output from HDMI to DisplayPort 1 and if I got no signal bug again I can move the cable to DisplayPort 2

Again, after using DisplayPort 2 for a couple of days, I will get no signal and I have to move it to DisplayPort 3 which at this point, I have no more port to move to anymore..

All I can do is unplug the PC overnight and it will reset the cycle again back to the HDMI then DisplayPort 1.. 2.. 3.. unplug overnight and then HDMI then DisplayPort 1.. 2.. 3.. and repeat the same steps so on and so on..

I also try clear CMOS either but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, the only method that works 100% for me is unplug my computer for 3-12 hours

I did update BIOS firmware and MB Chipset to the latest version too but it won't help a bit

I don't know what to do now.. this RYZEN bugs drive me crazy