Question 1st Monitor not detected, but the 2nd works fine.

Apr 27, 2021
I'm having a weird issue with my main Monitor a few days ago I put my pc into sleep mode to go and do some stuff when I came back I shook my mouse as I usually do, click the keys a couple of times to wake it up, the screen powered back on but was completely blank. But the weird thing was I was still able to login and my second monitor came on. So I restarted my pc and this fixed the issue for a while, the next day when I powered my pc on my first monitors screen was blank again. I was still able to login and check my display setting on my second monitor and reseated the connections with my first monitor, which is a DP. I also discover a little trick to get the image back on my first monitor as simply pressing the Detect button in the settings didn't do anything. I have to do this trick every time now to even get the signal for my first monitor working and its pretty annoying, basically I unplug the DP from my monitor which loses the signal then on my second monitor I press and hold down the display setting tab as if I'm dragging it and plug my DP back into my main monitor and then the signal comes back, and I'm able to use my main monitor again for however long I need if I don't leave the computer to idle or shut it down.

There is also one other thing that happened just as I'm typing this on a tablet, I put my Pc into sleep mode and about an hours goes by and my pc comes out of sleep mode and my main monitor lights up so I thought I'd solved the issue, I again went to do something came back and tried to wake my pc up the power came on but the screen was blank, just a black screen.

So at this point I'm pretty confused, I've already tried updating and reinstalling graphics drivers with no luck. I'm getting a new DP tomorrow I'm gonna test and see if that's the issue.

Would just like to know if anyone has any suggestions for me.