Info 1Usmus's Ryzen 3000 Power Plan

Here's a new power plan, along with BIOS tweaks, to help optimize Ryzen 3000 boosting behavior.

If you've been frustrated trying to get the max boosts on your processor, even with 1003ABBA and 1004B AGESA BIOS', this may just be the thing you need. Be sure to read the article and also follow the BIOS tweaks to ensure the C-state and P-state handling is correctly configured. That's probably the most important part. I didn't understand some of the settings (like Power Supply Idle Control) so I never changed them from default (Auto) and they were mis-configured from MSI.

The download is NOT a binary, just a Power Plan setting you can use or not use in Power Profiles.

Also note: this is not overclocking! Following the BIOS tweaks even advises to disable any PBO you may have set up. Although you can still run a PBO... I did it for my 3700x and it did improve CB20 scores... you do not have to.

I now get two cores almost constantly boosting to 4400 (3700X processor) when running a moderately heavy, but lightly threaded, workload, e.g. Valley. Heavy and multi-threaded workloads don't change much and overall performance doesn't change a lot because as I said this is not overclocking. In fact, it now idles much cooler than before with lower voltages, simply because of the BIOS tweaks.

Ultimately, all it's doing is making Ryzen 3000 do what it is supposed to do in it's full-on stock configuration but BIOS's and Windows aren't configured right (out of the box) to do it.

If you've followed 1Usmus, he's made significant contributions to the Ryzen scene almost since day one. This is a great one too.
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