1x8gb or 2x4gb


Apr 13, 2017
Hey all. I'm planning on building a new PC around black friday. A big problem is the memory prices. Since buying a 2x8gb kit is a bit too expensive for my current budget, I was thinking about getting 8gb first then buy another 8gb when 2019 comes around because I heard ram prices are going to drop heading into 2019. So I was wondering if I should buy one 8gb stick then buying the same brand stick later or should i buy a 2x4gb for the dual channel speed then buying the same 2x4gb kit later. Thanks!
it depends on if you want you computer to run optimally now or just throw a bunch of parts at it for now just to get a computer up and running. if you use 2 sticks in an 8GB kit you will benefit from the performance gain when using ram in dual channel mode
If your motherboard has 4 memory slots, I would go with 2x4GB if you can't afford more now. You might be more likely to run into compatibility issues later if you try pairing two separately-purchased sticks.

And RAM prices have already been coming down by a reasonable amount from where they were earlier in the year. At least at US online stores, it's possible to find a 2x8GB kit of DDR4-2400 on sale for as little as $105 right now (with most priced around $120)...


...and DDR4-3000 for as little as $110 (with most priced around $130)...


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