Jul 26, 2005
I am so lost i ve been looking all day for a new power supply for my new

dfi lanparty ultra d
Leadtek 6800 gt
2 x 512 ocz platinum rev 2

i keep on seeing different power supplies listed either as atx 2.0 and 2.01, what is the freaking differnce? I have no clue. I do know that the new form from atx 1.3 has 24 pins but what is the difference in these two? in the THW guide at

says 2.0 at first then states 2.1 later

I thought for a minute that they were the same then i looked up reviews for a bunch of different PSU s ie coolermasters real power and fortrons blue storm. and different retailers never confuse the standards. real power PSU s are always listed as 2.1 and blue storm PSU s are always listed as 2.0.


Don't know the difference, but <A HREF="" target="_new">Google</A> is your friend. IMHO, you'll be fine if you get an ATX 12V v2."whatever" PSU.

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Maybe im mistaken but I beleive its the same. Not quite sure but I think they just state ATX V2 or V2.0 when in fact the final specs are 2.01.
Maybe they did a minor last minute adjustement before ratifying the specs...Not quite sure.

I'd go with the Fortron anyday though!

Oh and maybe the .01 has to do with having 2X 12V rails or meeting the 75% efficiency...

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