2-3 minute boot times on an SSD and other problems

Mar 29, 2018
My C drive died yesterday so I was left trying to fix my computer. I wiped my other SSD and changed its file from an MBR to GPT disk. After doing that then I installed the OS on the SSD and set up my PC.

After doing all this I re-started and noticed my pc takes 2-3 minutes to load up to windows and in this time load up on the asus logo page. After opening up my bios my pc doesn't boot from my ssd but a windows boot manager version of it. Ive tried updates my OS up to date or try and boot from the SSD itself then I get a lbue screen basically saying windows is not on the drive.

Also my computer seems to not be able to keep origin installed or the program due toit does nto show up in the search bar. And including this it will not download the rest of the BF4 DLC.

My ssd is 500GB Samsung 850 evo and I also have a 1TB Western Digital Black as my HDD.

Im more concerned about the boot times than BF4 and origin but could someone help please?



Win 10 Master
Is the ssd set to AHCI or IDE in bios? it should be AHCI

can you show me a screen shot of disc management?
right click start
choose disk management
upload screenshot to aa image sharing site like imgur and share a link here.

Was hdd in PC when you installed Win 10? its possible the installer has put the boot partition on the hdd, that will slow down boot. Screenshot will prove one way or another.

Have you got latest drivers for motherboard as they too can slow boot times.

what are rest of specs of the PC?
Mar 29, 2018
The PC boots correctly and at a normal boot speed. For some reason just disconnecting and reconnecting it after boot has somehow fixed the speed problem. Is this meant to happen?

After further testing it looks like my dead SSD might be effecting the boot speeds due to when i have it plugged in it boots slow but when i have it unplugged it boots insanely fast


Mar 16, 2013

Anytime you install an OS, have only that drive connected.
Now, the system knows it is supposed to be booting from only the SSD.
And yes, having a dead drive in there can significantly impact boot time. Even though not booting from that drive, its trying to read something from it.

And remove the D drive letter from that partition on the HDD. Not needed.