[SOLVED] 2.5" HDD to USB adapter issue/question


Apr 20, 2016
Hello folks,
So I've got myself a Logilink UA0041B 2.5" HDD to USB 2.0 adaptor. Everything works fine besides that sometimes the drive doesn't want to spin up, it just "beeps" and clicks (Hitachi HDD with perfect health, works fine over standard SATA), and sometimes it works fine. It confuses me that the drive works sometimes on my PC, always on my smartTV, always over phone chargers/adapters. The main confusion here is the Y-USB cable, 3 male standard sized USB plugs.
The way it's made is 3 USB cables in parallel. My question is: is there a third plug for additional power, and is it safe to connnect it that way (first plug to HDD, second the USB port of a device, third to a 5V usb output).

Thanks in advance (and no, the given instructions give 0 info on that).